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Keep Moving


I've been dealing with chronic pain and untrustworthy joints for decades now. 
When it comes to exercise, I have five things that may help if your goal is to be able to keep moving.

These have kept me mobile.

(disclaimer: if you are on immunosuppressant drugs, public gyms are a big risk. Take great precautions to prevent infectious disease, viruses...MRSA, etc.)

1. You have to start slow and work up to your goal or you will inflame everything. For example, if you haven't worked out for a while... Let's say you want to do 30 minutes on an exercise bike... Start with 5 minutes and increase slowly. Take a few weeks to get to 30 minutes.

2. Variety. If you weight train one day take an easy walk the next.  Don't over work any joint.

3. Flexibility training. Most important kind of exercise for us. Again, take it easy. 

4. You have a degenerative joint disease. You cannot do everything that other healthier people can. It's OK!!!

Do what you can do. The goal is to stay moving as long as possible. If you'll be down for weeks or months...learn moderation and balance. That is the hardest thing to do I think.

5. Always Always Always start again... This disease will stop you. You'll flare... You'll have joint surgeries...etc. If you can't move for a while, always be willing to start over again. Don't give up. Stay moving as much as YOU can. Don't compare what you can do to other people. 

P.S. I know it hurts to move.