Available Now!!!!! Kristie Pelletier is one of the co-authors in this exciting new project with Dr Maricia Sherman. Are you ready for a change? Ready to live a new decade in a new way? New Woman, The Time For Change Has Come!

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Change is inevitable. No matter who we are, we will experience change during our life journey. However, most of us do not embrace change joyfully. We resist it as if it were not a necessary component to living a successful enriching life. Imagine if we would understand that on the other side of change is newness waiting to be explored!


Inside of this engaging anthology, Dr. Maricia Sherman and friends have explored the newness of change and the outcomes that exist when the dynamics of change are embraced. Explore the pages as each author discusses newness through the eyes of aspirations, belief, freedom, strength, courage, dreams and miracles. The cost to arise and welcome change may be sacrificial, but it is refreshingly rewarding. New Woman, the time for change has come!


Dr. Maricia Sherman is in touch with the issues facing women in today’s culture. A licensed ordained minister, she has in-depth knowledge with over 20 years of counseling and ministry experience. She seeks to encourage and equip women to become all that God has designed them to be through her mentoring programs, Biblical teaching ministry, Intimate Altar, and her upbeat women’s empowerment initiative, HerGroove. She is a career registered nurse, proud Air Force Veteran’s wife, and adoring mother.

The Authors